Opportunity Landing Page


A responsive marketplace that allows accredited investors to browse and invest in commercial real estate.

Awesome Forms


A mobile app that allows SMBs to create smart forms in a simple way. Check out the video.

Data Import Wizard


An Enterprise application that allows users to add and update data into their organization's database.

Mural CMS

Getty Images

An internal Content Management tool redesign that enabled marketers to use WYSIWYG and contextual editing to update CMS content.

Museum Kiosk


An accesible touch screen kiosk used in museums to allow customers to order wall art based on exhibits.

Ski Store


A mini-site focused on winter destination vacations and a series of tools to allow users to explore travel in unique ways.

Calculator App

Isaak Hayes

An on-going solo project using HTML5, CSS3 and jquery.
Check it out here.

Mail App

Isaak Hayes

An on-going visual refresh of a mail client forcused on HTML5 and CSS3 styling.
Check it out here.

I Cloud Code Logo


Dream force logo and T-shirt targeted at Salesforce developers who code cloud app.

Avvo Logo


Branding and collateral for a successful Seattle startup.

Visual Workflow


Creation of all UI patterns and style guide for a drag and drop interface in Visual Studio.

Logo and Packaging

H2 Ultra

Creation of a new brand and apparel line for an innovative water company.

UX Career Path Illustration

UX Magazine

Published in July of 2012, this illustration focuses on the paths available to UX professionals.

Hidden Genius Project


Co-founder of Oakland-based EdTech non-profit that trains and mentors high school students to code, design and become entrepreneurs.

Biz Academy 2013

Salesforce Foundation

Transformed Biz Academy 2013 into an intensive mobile app creation program for high school students.

Skills I learned in Kindergarten

Isaak Hayes

A 5 minute Ignite presentation about building a fun workplace.
Winner of a 2013 Team Impact Award.